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Expert Content: A Great Way to Recruit Association Members

At a conference I attended for continuing education, author Cal Harrison (“The Consultant with Pink Hair”) offered several suggestions on marketing that, while intended for association management companies, are also applicable to associations recruiting new members. Harrison emphasizes the importance of identifying and highlighting tangible indicators that you are good at what you do, that […]

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Daniel Pink’s Book on Sales and How It Relates to Nonprofits

Best-selling author Daniel Pink book on sales, The Moving Business: The Tender Art and Surprising Science of Convincing, Compelling, and Cajoling Others, takes an approach that nonprofits would benefit from considering. Pink suggests convincingly that everyone is in sales—not just those who are in positions with that word in the title. That’s because, he suggests, throughout […]

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Marketing, Including the Marketing of Associations, Is about Want

At a recent conference, I enjoyed a session that was a terrific refresher course on creating marketing materials. Teri Langhans’s session was titled “Blah Blah Blah: Forget the Ordinary and Learn to Write Marketing Copy that Gets Response.” She offered a concise summary of what we should include, and exclude in materials created for marketing […]

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Fix Your Broken Windows

As I prepare to attend the AMC Institute’s 2013 Annual Meeting, which begins today, I’ve been looking over notes from previous AMCI events to see if we’ve followed-up on some of the better ideas heard either at the educational sessions or during the networking events. We did well last year, I believe, in addressing several […]

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What I Learned at Summer Camp

Every August I attend two meetings over four days to receive continuing education credits. Those credit hours are required for me to maintain my status as a Certified Association Executive, or CAE. This year the Association Management Company Institute (AMCI, the trade association for companies like REM) and the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE, […]

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